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JCI Houston Meeting

The Junior Chamber International (JCI), is a global composed of 170,000 members aged 18-40 dedicated to bettering our world. With chapters on the local, state, and national levels, JCI seeks to develop leadership skills through community service. JCI Houston is the local affiliate of JCI, and our main objective is to create the social enterprises that will change our community, and ultimately, our world. See how you can get involved go to:

What Makes Small Businesses Successful?

Article by Ty Kiisel at The first week of June, Mike Glauser, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University and Co-Founder of My New Enterprise, and his team set off on a cross-country bicycle tour with the goal of interviewing and documenting the stories of 100 small business owners in 100 cities across the country. They started in Florence, Oregon and will end up in Washington D.C. on July 28th. When I spoke with Professor Glauser last week, they were in Ilinois and about six weeks into their tour. This isn’t the first time they’ve interviewed small business owners...

Why Do Business in Houston?

    Fastest Growing City in the USA     Ranked number one in 52 economic categories between 2009 and 2012, Houston is the fastest growing millionaire city in the United States. The fourth largest city in the U.S. is located directly in between the west coast with its large oil and gas market and the east coast with its vast money market. In addition to being one of the centers of the lucrative oil and gas industry, Houston is also the home of the "energy corridor", one of the nation's most important energy centers, the world's largest concentration of healthcare organizations, and is the second leader in...

Co-Working Spaces Virtual Office

Co-Working Spaces: Homes for Africa’s Tech Entrepreneurs

Tech hubs are expanding fast across Africa   AFRICA may be prone to chronic power shortages, weak infrastructure and economies still overly-dependent on commodities. But it is also being seen by technology firms as a new frontier for innovation: herds of new tech start-ups and small businesses are being birthed across the continent.   Almost as innovative as their plans for providing mobile money or clever new applications for hailing taxis are their methods of overcoming some of the continent’s main impediments to technology innovation: expensive internet access and the high costs of renting office space with reliable power. Their solution has been to take a leaf from the...

Why Visual Office

Virtual Office: Should I Have One?

Should You Have a Virtual Office? Going virtual might be just what your company needs to save cash, increase profits and expand. Just because you need employees doesn't mean you need an office with all that overhead. Why not build a virtual network of employees where you communicate with each other via phone, e-mail and fax to get the job done? Husband-and-wife entrepreneurs Greg Chagaris, 59, and Anthea Stratigos, 45, did just that with their market research and analytics business, Outsell Inc., in Burlingame, California. For four years they ran the business from a traditional office space with employees. But in 1998, Stratigos interviewed a highly qualified job...