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Why Do Business in Houston?


 1b Fastest Growing City in the USA     Ranked number one in 52 economic categories between 2009 and 2012, Houston is the fastest growing millionaire city in the United States. The fourth largest city in the U.S. is located directly in between the west coast with its large oil and gas market and the east coast with its vast money market. In addition to being one of the centers of the lucrative oil and gas industry, Houston is also the home of the “energy corridor”, one of the nation’s most important energy centers, the world’s largest concentration of healthcare organizations, and is the second leader in Fortune 500 companies, rivaled only by New York.


Busiest International Seaport     Houston boasts the lowest property taxes and a plethora of state and local tax incentives such as state sales tax refunds, sales tax exemptions on utilities, and property tax abatement.  Houston’s seaport is the busiest international seaport in the nation. It is ranked number one U.S. port in foreign tonnage and largest Texas port with 46% in tonnage and 95% in containers, market share by total TEUs in 2014.  2


 3 International Business     A multitude of international conventions take place in Houston every year. These conventions include the NAPE Summer Expo, a networking event that includes business conferences and exhibits, the Houston Oilfield Expo, one of the biggest oil and gas trade shows in America, and the Offshore Technology Conference or OTC. Sponsored by 13 industry organizations and societies and with the largest equipment exhibition, the OTC is where energy professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technological knowledge for onshore and offshore resources. The OTC is an international trading place for oil and gas companies.


The Brightest Talents     Houston is also home to some of the best college graduates. Texas A&M University, University of Texas, Rice University, Baylor University, University of Houston, are part of the Ivy league. The university of Houston was named a Tier One university in research by the Carnegie Foundation. Rice University is one of the best undergraduate schools in the country with exceptional programs in applied sciences. Houston provides employers with the brightest experienced and young professionals.  4


Houston is one of the most business savvy cities in the world, rendering it the perfect place to start, expand, or relocate a business. For businesses located outside of the U.S., Houston is a great place to gain access to the American market as well as global market.