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Working Remotely Is Bad for Your Productivity: Here’s Why

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Working Remotely Is Bad for Your Productivity: Here’s Why

Working Remotely Is Bad for Your Productivity: Here’s Why

It’s no secret that technology has made it easy to work from anywhere at any time during the day. The freedom it can provide an employee is nothing short of, well, sexy. Maybe not the whole working in pajamas thing, but you get my meaning.

Look at it this way: As an employer, it’s like you’re giving your employees the freedom to be their own bosses.

But kids, pets, and that drawer that needs straightening can all be distractions for almost anyone working from home, which isn’t ideal for business leaders preaching productivity.

In fact, people who telecommute roughly two days a week aren’t as satisfied with their jobs as you’d think, and their productivity can take quite a hit because of it — especially with tasks involving collaboration.

Business leaders need to cultivate an office environment that’s conducive to efficiency. The friendlier executives make the workspace to productivity, the less appealing remote will be.

Lacking That Connection

If working from home, what happens when you land on an idea? It’s not like you can bounce it off of someone. First, you have to shoot off an email. Then, if that email gets forwarded, you’ll be waiting around for days — by then, that notion could become even more half-baked.

Telecommuting means you no longer get those random-but-consistent innovations. In-person brainstorming is replaced by Skype, Google Hangouts, or some other instant messaging platform — and we all know how hit or miss those can be.

Our company, for example, bypassed the remote route and whittled our workday down to a five-hour window. In it, the entire team is in the office at the same time, and everyone is energized and productive from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. The system encourages face-to-face interaction and allows employees to hold each other accountable for their responsibilities.

This isn’t to say someone can’t be successful working from home. All the recent productivity gains indicate that it’s possible, and it’s got many talented employees thinking, “Why am I spending eight hours a day in this office, when I really only work two or three?” Read more. 

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