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Bringing More Possibilities…Your 2nd Location

We tirelessly find ways to bring more and more possibilities to our customers. It is our vision to help micro-businesses, small businesses and entrepreneurs to excel in what they do and reach their dream without sabotaging themselves on outrageous overhead cost.

All our consumers are thriving. It is a great thing to watch day by day to watch our customers grow. They are not always in the office because they need to be out there and make sales, but when they need assistance we are here. We answer their calls. We setup their meetings. We receive and handle their mails.

We handle all these arms and legs works for them, so they can focus on what they are passionate about. Go around town. Attend network events. Find new prospects, and finally, get that purchase order!

Proudly, we announce a 2nd location for our valuable customers. Thanks to The Cowork Lab located in 2500 Yale St., Houston, TX 77008. This Heights location is very strategic and allows works or meetings to take place in two strategic locations of Greater Houston area. Several private executive suites, large co-working area and over-sized conference facility are ready to use.

virtual office, coworking space, executive suite

If you are already Office In America Co. member, simply show your Certificate of Domicile to access The Cowork Lab facility. No extra cost required!

Success and cheers.

(Letter from our CEO – Ted Liman)