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Office in America

Office In America


Need a virtual office but don’t want to overspend? We are perfect for the job with our reasonable price ranges. Want to go international but don’t have an Office In America Co? We can make it happen for you and give you that Office In America Co. to get your business on the road. Ever lost a potential client because your business isn’t located in America? Today can be the day that change actually takes place, but you have to be the one to make the first step in joining us today.

Having an Office In America Co. will eliminate such discrimination and opens multinational business opportunities for your company to grow exponentially.   Our virtual office service includes having your office here in America, we offer a Certificate Of Domicile, you will have an American address and phone number. We would be your receptionist to answer the phone, take messages, and send mail out on your behalf.

You have no limit on incoming calls, voicemail messages, incoming faxes, also you can use as many hours as you wish in our Conference Room, Business Lounge and Business Office.  We understand you won’t always be here due to how busy your schedule tends to be so we are here to serve you during business hours and willing to go the extra mile to satisfy you.

Why would it be cool to have a virtual office in Houston, TX? In general just by having an Office In America Co. your business enters International Marketing which then opens opportunities to global business and builds supplier-vendor relations and expands growth in near future. Even after the 2008 economic crisis Houston’s strong economy was unshaken due to the famous hydrocarbon technology, home to oil and gas giants, leading medical center and strategic import export location. Houston is an international city with business friendly environment like the cultural business diversity, vast amount of manufacturing facilities, international cargo airport and its high capacity ship channel.

We offer three packages, all packages differ and some may offer more than others depending on what your needs are with the most economical budget for your company. If you choose to buy a certain package and would like to upgrade you are free to upgrade whenever you wish, and you will only have to pay the difference. We definitely have the best prices in this field of business, and if you’ve been searching for a virtual office you will notice the price difference drastically. Dare to compare our price and services with the top virtual office companies such as Regus, Servcorp, businessuites, and Alliance Virtual Offices.  We believe that you will be fully convinced to a make a quick decision in our offering and feel comfortable knowing you made the right decision to increase your company’s revenue.

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