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Ever lost a potential client or couldn’t expand because your business isn’t located in America?

Have you ever dreamed of going international? Don’t limit yourself and most importantly don’t limit your businesses revenue just because you don’t have an office here in America. You have the ability to increase your businesses revenue just a few clicks away by logging onto our website . You will receive an official Certificate Of Domicile from Office In America Co. for your business. Office In America Co. brings to you the cheapest affordable virtual office for the low price of $49.99/month & you can also receive 2 months FREE.

Having a virtual office with us allows you to be able to move around and market all over the world. A good thing about having an Office In America Co. is that when you market to several countries, you are not as vulnerable to events in any one country. For example a natural disaster in any one market can disrupt business, but you can compensate by focusing your sales efforts in another part of the world.

International business is the exchange of goods and services among individuals and businesses in multiple countries. Today’s global markets offer even the smallest of businesses the opportunity to sell internationally. If you have products that didn’t sell well in your regional market, you may find an extent of demand elsewhere. You don’t have to let your unsold inventory sit there for extended periods of time or dispose of inventory at outrageous cheap prices which causes you to lose out on revenue. This will then make you look for alternatives to keep selling, you will find new markets where your products can sell for even higher prices than they did in your local market. You may notice you have a wide variety of competition in your local or regional market, by going global you have less competition and move quickly to capture market share. When entering the international market you may find new products to sell abroad that you don’t offer where you are based.  You will be able to offer a much wider range of products when you begin marketing globally, especially if you have access to high quality versions of products that are first string versions in other countries.

Office In America Co. could be the perfect opportunity for you to expand your business. Step out of your comfort zone and see what’s out there! When you do business in another country, you learn new ways of doing things. Don’t be afraid of going the extra mile, just know you won’t be alone. We are here to serve you during all business hours. A receptionist will take calls for you, forward you voicemails, receive mail & send out mail on your behalf, receive and sent faxes for you, you’ll have an executive office here with us, unlimited amount of hours that you can use the conference room, etc. The best thing about joining us that you will maintain powerful presence in America and you will now be an international business.


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