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Testimony: Success Story

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Marian: Russ and I were looking for a place that wasn’t a restaurant. Because that was getting tiresome.

Russ: We looked at some places.

Marian: And I start asking around and somebody said oh you need to call Cynthia at Office In America Co. And as soon as I did. It’s been wonderful ever since.

Russ: And the beauty of it is we were all busy both of us were you know running around and do the schedules. So we ended up being here is coming here on Saturday. On a Saturday to get us into the building and you know and share the space and kind of show us around and explain what we were doing for what was available for us to do it. And we really appreciate that.

Office In America Co. always does the best to satisfy customers and we made it

We are flexible, helpful and wonderful

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