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How to Involve Your Employees in Marketing and Social Media

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How to Involve Your Employees in Marketing and Social Media

As we head into 2017, one of the biggest challenges facing small and medium-sized businesses is how to best utilize social media for marketing purposes. Maybe it’s because many of us use social media in our personal lives and garner likes effectively when we post honestly about ourselves and our passions (cat photos, anyone?); yet when it comes to building a business following or brand awareness, many of us feel lost at sea.

Social media marketing and digital marketing in general are tough tools to use effectively if you aren’t a professional, which is why some companies outsource these jobs to third parties, or hire full-time experts in the field to oversee their efforts. Obviously, this is a lot easier to do if you’re a big company and you have resources to allocate to a big marketing investment. But not every business is in such a position.Read more.

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