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2nd Business Entrepreneurs Networking Event

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2nd Business Entrepreneurs Networking Event

The 2nd Business Entrepreneurs Networking Event went great.


In every meeting there are different speakers covering special topics. This week we had a wonderful speaker, Elizabeth Haysom Pudwill  who was speaking about building teams. During our next meeting event, we will have a speaker, Claudia Autry who will be speaking about stress reduction.


If you would like to participate or would like to be a speaker in one of our events, feel free to RSVP at


I recommend you to join this bi-weekly business meetings hosted by “Office in America Co.”, including “Agency 258”, Marian LaSalle and Russ Johns to meet professionals who have a passion for success. These meetings start at 7:30 AM on the 12th floor in the Regency Square Tower located off of the Southwest Freeway.


If you would like to know more about the Business Entrepreneurs Networking group, feel free to Contact Marian LaSalle at 713-826-4942 or email her at



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16473178_1184788181642452_3507346014996468231_nFor an instance, a firm needs a commercial address to conduct business with big companies, and bank institutions. “Office In America Co.” is able to provide that place of business accompanied with mailbox, mail handling, meeting rooms, working space, dedicated phone line, separate fax line, printing, scanning, security shredding, personal assistant and more.


We also provide private business offices for customers who need to focus on work, have private conversations, and hold sensitive discussions. Our company offers several packages to choose from, starting from our basic package priced at $69.99/month to our titanium package at $249.99/month.


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